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Top 5 Reasons to Buy This Book

1.You aren’t sure what you know or don’t know about your car.

2.You want your vehicle to be reliable and safe for you and your family.

3.You feel intimidated or uncomfortable when bringing your car in for service or repairs.

4.You want to know the right questions to ask when taking your vehicle to a mechanic.

5.You are a woman (or know someone who is!)

From Our Readers

“I just finished reading your book. It is excellent!! Well done. Wow, it was easy to read, very informative.”

– Rita B., Portland, Oregon

“I loved the book, it was fun, amusing (stilettos in the sand) and super informative! Very easy to read not complicated and dry. I’m not sure what I expected but I actually enjoyed reading it!”

– Louise V., Clark Fork, Idaho